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A few recent cases are discussed below. Names have been changed and details removed to protect the identity and privacy of parties involved.

Dianne (Injury at work)

Direct Injuries helped Dianne from Walthamstow, who sustained a serious head injury in an accident at work in 2005. Dianne severed a nerve in her forehead. Consequently she suffered severe migraine headaches on a frequent basis and often had no choice but to stay in bed for days on end, reducing her attendance at work.

Her employers admitted responsibility for the accident but were not prepared to negotiate settlement of her claim. Her employers made her an offer of £9,000 in full and final settlement of her claim. Acting under a No Win No Fee agreement Direct Injuries helped Dianne take her case to trial. In mid 2006 Dianne was awarded compensation of about £72,000.

Direct Injuries helped Dianne under a No Win No Fee agreement. Moreover, our solicitors ensured Dianne retained 100% of the compensation awarded, regaining legal costs from the party at fault.

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Roy (Road traffic accident)

Roy, from Essex, was involved in a rear-end road accident in 2004. He sustained a moderate whiplash injury to his neck which healed completely within the space of a year. Direct Injuries helped Roy claim compensation for his injuries and damage to his vehicle. Our successful representation helped Roy win damages of £5,500.

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Almaz (Slip/trip/fall)

Almaz tripped and fell due to the presence of a defective paving slab. She sustained a number of fractures to her shoulder and arm. Her fall was witnessed by a local shop owner. Direct Injuries helped Almaz file a claim for compensation against the council for the reason that the council had left the hazard un-repaired for over a year. Almaz was awarded £14,000 for her injuries and the associated medical costs and inability to work.

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Brent (Industrial Illness)

Brent worked for his employers from 1969 till 2003. His working environment exposed him continually to vey high levels of noise. Direct Injuries helped Brent claim compensation for damage to his hearing. Brentís claim was successful owing to the fact that his employers were aware of noise levels exceeding 85Db for extended periods of time but did not provide ear plugs or other suitable protection to their employees. Brent agreed to a settlement with his employers and received £11,000 as damages.

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Case Files

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