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Types of Accidents Leading to Claims

A few types of accidents that can lead to compensation claims are discussed below -

Road Accidents

You may be involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or simply a pedestrian. You can also be a motor cyclist or a cyclist. If you have suffered personal injury like whiplash or other bodily/mental harm, or have been at loss due to time taken off work or medical expenses then you can claim compensation.

Direct Injuries will assist you with your compensation claim even if the accident was because of a non-insured driver or your accident was a hit-and-run incident.

Injuries at Work

Work place injuries are very commonly due to faulty equipment, lack of training and incorrect work procedures. They may also result due to incorrect storage by your employers and general disregard to health and safety rules and regulation.

You have a right t claim compensation resulting from any of the above from your employers at the time of injury. Contact Direct Injuries and we will assess your case and help you claim compensation.

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Medical Negligence

Injuries can also result through the negligence of those whom you trust for your care and treatment. Compensation claims for such injuries and suffering are often complex. Direct Injuries can deal with such compensation claims for you with sensitivity and in complete privacy.

Call Direct Injuries today and we will get you in touch with an experienced solicitor right away.

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Injuries through Criminal Intent

Have you been the victim of crime? Have you suffered violence, physical attacks or a sexual offence? If you have suffered from such an incident in UK within the past 2 years then you can claim compensation from public funds.

Direct Injuries will help you claim compensation. What’s more, with your assistance the authorities may be able to bring the offender/s to justice!

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Government/Council/Public Negligence

If you have been injured through negligence of others, resulting in say a trip or slip or fall in a public place or public pavement etc. then Direct Injuries will help you claim suitable compensation.

Contact Direct Injuries to discuss your case and we will advice you if you have a right to claim compensation. Our specialist solicitors will see your claim right through, till the award of a suitable compensation.

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There may be many other accidents/incidents you can be involved in as you go about your daily work/business or on holiday. Contact our friendly team at Direct Injuries and we will assess your case and advice you if you have a right to claim compensation. Direct Injuries can also arrange specialist solicitors with specific experience to back your case and make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to. All of this at no cost to you.

Contact Direct Injuries today and benefit from our No-Win-No-Fee service.

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Claim Types

Some types of accidents that may entitle you to claim are shown below. Follow the links to read more details.

More details for each type are discussed alongside.

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