Welcome to Fida Couture

Atif Fida strides with an 11 year fashion history to his name. The 32 year old entrepreneur based in Lahore began his career back in 1997 where he became known for his elegance in dress cutting. Belonging to a simple Punjabi family, Atif grounded firmly in depicting the more traditional fashion sense of his city which he became known for amongst both selected elites and city-locals. With time his reputation solely by word of mouth has taken him across borders attracting a loyal clientele in UK, America, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Denmark and France. Having captured a great interest for his alluring bridal and evening wear in the west, he hopes to share much more of his work within a larger global market.

A well founded Fida prides himself on achieving the trust, praise and loyalty of his customers rather than commercial fame. He yet seeks to develop a whole new different edge to the fashion world and blending his creations with a cultural theme as a representative of his country’s fashion-art.

Atif Fida’s fashion philosophy does not dictate any media-set images but instead provides space, choice and recommendations for women of all backgrounds to have garments designed to suit their personal comfort and own sense of fashion because in the end… ‘Its all about you’.