Welcome to Koyla Indian Cuisine

The fiery, larger than life appetites of the Moghuls came to the fore in serious matters of food. From their kitchens they demanded no less than the most satisfying culinary experiences, and no excuse would be entertained for any shortfall in this quarter.

At Koyla, we believe our guests have every right to be as demanding as the Moghuls. Which is why, we insist on fresh stocks, grind our own masalas and bring a distinct flavour to every dish.

Viewing our guests as no less than royalty, we offer a menu that puts forth the most lavish spread. We floor them with rare traditional specialities. And expose them to a standard of service that brings them back for more. We are open to trying new recipes so please feel free to ask for any dish that may not be on the menu.

We welcome you to Koyla. Meeting your demands is a pleasure for us.

Happy dining!